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MercyCloud was founded in 2018 and is a group of open source organizations established by free developers Dedicated and researched open source projects, experimental networks, wide area networks

We are resident in the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Greater Bay Area, and we gather developers with the same ideas to research and develop together to explore new possibilities and developments

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The office in ZhuHai GuangDong China, 100Mbps intranet, test server, and virtual network are provided to field personnel for free

Open source community

We use open source, respect open source, give back to open source, open source communication, internal Coding / GitLab project you can contribute to view all projects

Open source organization

MercyCloud is a Open source organization made up of free developers active in the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Greater Bay Area.



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MercyCloud Network

MercyCloud Network (AS9886) Through Anycast and load balancing, multiple server nodes are deployed to ensure     Reliability of APIs and core services provided by MercyCloud, while ensuring that your traffic is routed to the nearest geographic area     If a location goes offline, traffic will automatically fail over, enabling services to come back online quickly     (Excluding Mainland China)

  • API service
  • Core Services
  • User Service

We and partners Provided services

LIR service

Virtual Goods
  • IPV6 lease
  • ASN application
  • IP proxy

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  • Quality tea
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Development service

Virtual Goods
  • Website development
  • Network maintenance
  • Technical Support